Friday, November 10, 2017

The Life in Pieces Bingo episode: Get your printable family BINGO cards!

TV is my guilty pleasure. It's usually on in the background while I'm working, so it can't be anything that I really have to focus on. One of my newest favorites is Life in Pieces on CBS. I've been watching past seasons on Hulu and it is laugh out loud funny. Each episodes has 4 mini-episodes that are just a few minutes long.

Anyway, I just watch Season 2, episode 10 and was cracking up at the 4th mini-episode titled "Bingo." You can click here to watch it.  I instantly thought of my DIY fill in the blank Bingo card.

A few years ago, I made a Bingo card that allows you to fill in anything you'd like. It was originally created for an annual meeting that we had every July at my real job.

Soon after, I made it available in my shop. You fill in the first TWO PAGES with any 48 bits of text that you'd like, and then the remaining 23 cards are AUTO-FILLED IN RANDOM ORDER, giving you 25 unique Bingo cards.  Need more than that? Save the file twice and fill in each file differently.

These bingo cards can be used for family reunions, baby showers, parties or anything you'd like. I've had so many customers use it for family reunions! They fill in stories, comments, and repeated behaviors of family members, and as you experience them, you cross them off.

This has been one of my most popular items this year. It's only $5 and you can use it to add a little fun to any upcoming party or event!

I often advise my customers to use print shops for high quality printing, but these are perfect for printing on plain old 8.5" x 11" paper using your home printer (I love my Canon).

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