Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vote for . . . who? A FREE PRINTABLE for election season!

This election cycle has been unlike any that I've seen in my lifetime. Elections can be exciting for kids, but this year more than ever, it all just feels heavy.

To ease the anxiety, I've kind of withdrawn from the media. During the first debate, I finished the last 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls (For the love, why can't Rory and Logan just work it out!), and I'm on a television hiatus for the month of October.

Are you as sick of it as I am? Here's a way to lighten the mood a little make this election season a little more fun (bearable?) for everyone!  Download this free, editable printable and let your future leader make a case as to why we should vote for him or her!

This printable is a great segue into taking about the election with older kids, and great keepsakes to look back on as they grow!

The name and the "platforms" are editable and can be personalized using Adobe PDF Reader.

Click here to download the printables!

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