Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Easy Fall Decorating with Pumpkin Decals

A few years back, we were out choosing pumpkins and I was thinking through the best way to approach Jack O'Lanterns with my kids. As we were picking out pumpkins (a tradition that began when I was pregnant with my second son and went out pumpkins picking the night before he was born) and I was mulling it around in my head.

The mess, the knives, the kids getting bored after 10 minutes and leaving me to finish everything . . . to be quite frank, I was looking for a way out. 

Instead, I came up with a plan: Pumpkin decals. It was a huge success!

Little hands and Jack O'Lanterns can be complicated, but pumpkin decals give you the fun of Halloween decorating without the mess and sharp objects! 

But they're not just for kids!  Older kids can place them and use them as guides for carving.

I have several styles that are perfect for decorating your home or front porch for the fall.  Put them on artificial pumpkins so they can be saved for next year!

They're super cute and convenient! Click here to see them all!  Happy fall!

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