Sunday, July 31, 2016

First Day of School 2016 - Free Printable signs

My kids are the greatest. Once again, they agreed to pose for back to school photos more than a month before they actually had to head back to school, just so I could show you samples of this year's first day of school printables. Aren't they the best?

Can I give all of you a little tip? If you can, do this these photos the night before. It's way less stressful.

I have the two designs offered last year, and I've added a few new categories, including "Young Fives" and "Middle School."  As usual, there's a generic "First Day of School" sign in case I don't have the specific grade or stage that you need.

Are you looking for something custom? Contact me through my Etsy page or by email for more details.


To download the signs, just click here. You'll be prompted to subscribe to my email list.  Once your subscription is confirmed, you'll see the links to the printable files!  You will need Adobe Reader, which is preinstalled on most computers. You can also click here to download it for free.


Evalina Huckaby said...

Thank you for these free printables!
We have a free printable page too in case you see something you may like!

My best - Evalina

abby said...

Your site won't take my email (tried three different ones!), but I'd love to use your oh-so-cute back-to-school signs. Help?!