Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vintage Camping Birthday Party Ideas

We moved into a new house in August 2014.  I was 2 weeks from delivering baby #4, and 3 weeks from sending our kids back to school.

Bennett's birthday party was in September, and we threw a VERY casual get together in our new back yard. We were shoving boxes into closets minutes before party time to make room for guests!  Because of that, writing about his party took a back seat to everything else.  Here we are 18 months later . . .

We decided to do a backyard camping theme for his party, mainly because it was simple and had easy set up.  We sent up a few tents, built a campfire and threw some chairs around it. So simple.

You can see the invitation here.

We didn't serve a meal . . . just a s'mores bar, caramel apples, cider and donuts.

Oh, and bottled water, of course. See the printable labels here.

For party favors, we set up a trail mix bar, with bags that guests could use to make their own mix. See the printable tags here.  We included pretzels, goldfish, popcorn, chocolate covered raisins, craisins, nuts, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips.

Awful picture, I know. But remember . . . new baby, new house?  We're lucky I have any photos at all!
All of the kids went home with canteens that I bought from Oriental Trading Company.  The tags for them can be seen here.

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