Thursday, February 12, 2015

FREE PRINTABLE: Valentine's Day gift certificates

If your family is anything like ours, you'll sometimes feel like you're drowning in stuff. And most of that stuff is made up of toys.  Toys from Christmas, toys from birthdays, trinkets from birthday parties and fast food happy meals . . . it sometimes feels like we have stuff coming out of our ears.

We like to get our kids gifts, and I've always loved Valentine's Day in particular, because it's not one of those times that they're ASKING for things.  They don't make Valentine's Day lists like they do Christmas lists or birthday lists. We usually just get them something small and they love it, because they aren't expecting anything in particular.

As I began to think about this Valentine's day, I was hard pressed to come up with something.  None of them need more toys, and we've got plenty of books to keep them reading for years. Electronics are unnecessary and out of the price range of what we usually spend. I also didn't want to get junk that they'd play with for a day and then I'd have to stick in the garage sale box.  We don't have money to just throw away like that.

After talking with my husband, we decided we were going to give them gift certificates!  The certificates for my kids are good for things like 30 minutes of screen time on a school night, a date night with Mom, one-on-one breakfast with Dad, etc.  Never have I been more excited to give them something because these are things that I know they'll LOVE and will result in zero clutter and waste.

valentines day gift certificate

I made these cute little gift certificates as a free printable for you.  The fields are editable (you will need to install this font if you want the fonts to be the same on the editable portion) so that you can give these to anyone and make them good for anything!  Or just delete the text and write in your own message after you print them.  There are crop marks for each certificate to make even cutting easy.

PLEASE NOTE:  You'll need to SAVE IT and install this font to edit the text.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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