Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween pumpkin decals

I still remember driving home from the supermarket a few years ago with a pumpkin in my trunk, trying to develop a strategy for the best way to help my kids make jack o'lanterns. 

At that time, they were 4, 2 and 9 months, so I knew that I would be doing most of the work, while they sat, watched, and made a mess.  I couldn't let them use sharp objects, and chances are they'd lose interest after about 20 minutes . . . if I was lucky.

We had been to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins, but I had to purchase a separate pumpkin from the store for carving.  I like to leave my pumpkins out until Thanksgiving, so if we made them all jack o'lanterns, we wouldn't be able to leave them out that long.

And then, as I was driving, it hit me.  Stickers.  They could use stickers.  Stickers were safe, easy and relatively quick.  And I could peel them off after Thanksgiving.  I got home and started playing with the black vynil that I had and thought, "mustaches might be cute."  An idea was born!

These things are still true a few years later:

1.  Pumpkin stickers are cute and fun for the little ones
2.  Pumpkin stickers are fast.
3.  Pumpkin stickers leave little clean up.
4.  Pumpkin decals have no sharp edges.
5.  Pumpkin decals extend the life and usefulness of your pumpkins.

What's not to love?  Click here to get yours!