Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Toothbrush Valentine {Free Printable}

On Monday morning, I showed my 4-year-old the valentine that I designed for his brother when he was in preschool.  He was not impressed.

"I want to give toothbrush valentines, Mom."

Um . . . say what?

"I want to give my friends a toothbrush for a valentine."

Challenge accepted.

I found bulk packs of toothbrushes at Target for a reasonable price.  Check.  But what on earth should the valentines say?

We narrowed it down to either, "You take my breath away" or "You brighten up my smile."  After a vote on Facebook, we decided on the latter.


I've made the tags available as a free download.  Just download the file and print it front and back (they line up nicely).  The back side has an editable field that allows you to type your own message.  Or, you can delete the text so that your child can write in his or her own name.


Click here to download the free printable file!

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