Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jack's Superhero / comic book birthday party

My oldest turned 5 last June.

That's right . . . almost a year ago.  I'm a little behind.

He wanted a super hero birthday, and I was happy to oblige.  Though, as we were planning, it morphed into a superhero/comic book themed party.

You can see a few of the items from this party available in the shop here.  Admittedly, the photos aren't the best.  I snapped most of them with my phone as guests were arriving.

All of the kids made their own capes . . . I purchased kits from an etsy seller who is no longer in business.  Each kit came with a satin cape, their initial, an initial backer and lots of felt stickies to decorate with.  Once they were done decorating, we didn't really see much of the kids until it was time to open gifts.  They ran in circles playing "super hero" and were thoroughly entertained!


This particular seller also sent pre-assembled capes for our littlest guests!


I think my favorite parts of the entire party were the speech and action bubble cupcake toppers.  They were super easy to print and cut out.  They're available for purchase in the shop.  The three speech bubble designs are editable and can be customized by you with your desired names/text.

 The large speech bubbles and cityscape background are also available for purchase.  They're so easy to print and display and they look so great!

Besides the capes, we had ring POPS and sour PUNCH straws for guests to take home.

We used the cityscape and speech bubbles over the lunch buffet, too.

I was struggling to come up with an idea for the tables and the night before the party, I had the idea to make each table look like a "cape" with a different colored table cloth.  I printed out different super hero logos (enlarged from my super hero valentine graphics) to put in the center  We were really happy with how it turned out and how cheap and easy it was!

I've made the table toppers available for FREE download!  Print them off and use them on tables or in any way you'd like at your next party.  Just click here to download them.

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