Friday, September 28, 2012

No carve pumpkin decals - jack o lantern faces and mustaches

I love, love, love these Halloween pumpkin decals.  Here are a few reasons why:

1. Young children can help decorate pumpkins as jack o' lanternswith Halloween decals, without using sharp objects.

2.  Jack o' lantern decals are less messy than carving.  This was actually my motivation to create these.

3.  Uncarved pumpkins last longer.  If you do decide to carve, you can use the Pumpkin stickers as guides closer to Halloween.

4.  Decals are removable, allowing the pumpkins to stay out as fall/Thanksgiving decor after Halloween.  I had uncarved pumpkins on my porch from September 22 - Christmas one year.  (Don't judge . . . I had a baby and never got around to moving them!)

The decals can easily be applied by just peeling them and sticking them to the pumkin. The black vynil is removable and repositionable so you can peel and re-stick as you go!

And how cute are the mustaches?!  I love them!

You can see all of the decal options in my etsy shop.


Window Decals said...

This is an ingenious idea! So many years of carving and having to set up for the mess that follows! The smell in the garbage can too. Really smart idea, I am going to have to steal it!

Alec said...

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