Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to take great photos

I have two secrets to taking great photos.  Neither of them have to do with what kind of camera I use, nor what lenses I have attached to the camera.

3 months
My daughter, Claire.  3 months old.

1.  Practice, practice, practice.  My photos weren't great when I started.  I thought they were, but when I look back at them now, I'm shocked at how far I've come in 5 years.

2.  Clickin' Moms . . . this resource has been instrumental in learning the art of photography.  I'm a bit of a "lurker" on the boards, but I know that if I'm looking for inspiration, for help, or encouragement, I can head there.

My only beef with Clickin' Moms is the name . . . this board is for way more than just moms.  Any woman, man or even teenager, who wants to refine their photography skills will benefit.

Clickin Moms offers a 6 month subscription for only $30.  THIRTY DOLLARS.  For six months of access and participation in this site.  Amazing.

There is a promotion in April for referrals, but I'm a little late to the game.  Clicking on this link and subscribing during the next 4 days might possibly win me some prizes and commission.  I'd love that!  But even after April's over, take a look.  Check it out.  You'll find that it's a resource worth far more than the $30 you'll pay!

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Kristi said...

oooo good tip! I'll have to check this out after all the wedding chaos is over. I adore your pictures of your kiddos so I'm sure I'll love the tips on here! Thanks!