Monday, November 28, 2011

FREE PRINTABLE: Customizable paper chain advent calendar

Growing up, we always had an Advent calendar. Something to help us count down the days until and prepare for Christmas. Last year, my husband made a paper chain with my oldest son to use as a countdown to Christmas. Each day, Jack reveled in being able to tear a piece of the chain away and see how much closer we were drawing to the big day.

As I was thinking about that over the last few weeks, I thought it would be fun to add a meaningful activity for each day. You know . . . something printed on each link to make it even more special. Some of them are just for fun and some teach an important lesson.

When I was finished, I thought, "Why not share this with everyone?!"

The download below is double sided . . . the pages 2 - 7 have the paper chain links with patterned Christmas designs on them. Pages 8 - 13 are designed to be printed on the back side. There are pre-filled ideas for each day, but every link is COMPLETELY EDITABLE! Decide which ones work for you and change the ones that don't!

When they're printed, you can trim them and assemble the paper chain. So simple and easy.

Enjoy this calendar! My hope is that it serves as a way to keep your children involved throughout the entire season and that it helps shift the focus of the holidays from receiving to giving.

Click here to download the printable Advent paper chain.


Melissa said...

This is so great! Thanks for sharing!!

Jenny J said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Michele said...

Love this! thanks and Happy Holidays!

The Keylors said...

Yea! I am so excited! These are adorable! I was going to add some bible verses, but can seem to figure out how to edit. Am I doing something wrong?

The Keylors said...

Nevermind...figured it out. : ) Thanks again!

Nicole said...

Thanks so much!! I'm not seeing how to edit the activities I missing something?

Stephanie said...

the download has blank days? i'd love to see your ideas!