Friday, October 14, 2011

Roses are Pink - Baby shower favors and free printable

Jeanette's Shower

The party favors for Jeanette's shower might have been my favorite ever! After a party full of desserts, who wouldn't want to take a cookie mix home to share with her family?

I made up a cookie mix in a jar for each guest. I found the recipe and idea here. I searched and searched for pink M&Ms and couldn't find them anywhere, so I had to settle for purple. These cookies are AMAZING. So, so good. When I made our batch, they didn't last long!

Jeanette's Shower

I won't re-post the recipe because you can find it on the other site I linked to, but I will show you a little trick for filling the jars. Making a funnel out of card stock to add the ingredients was a life saver! My normal kitchen funnels were too narrow, and the ingredients didn't all make it into the jar when I tried to do it without. Also, be sure you pack the ingredients down really well. I didn't see that little tip in the instructions until I had already started and it was too late.

Jeanette's Shower

Have I convinced you to do these for the next baby shower you throw? If so, you can purchase the thank you stickers for the jar tops here.

Jeanette's Shower

BUT, you can download the instruction tags and the "Take a Treat" sign for free by clicking here! Just print them out, trim and attach with a ribbon to the top of the jar. Add the sign to a frame to display near the favors.

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