Monday, June 6, 2011

A Firefly Baby Shower

We threw a shower for my college friend Jan a couple of weeks ago. She's having a baby girl. Jan definitely wouldn't call herself a "girly" girl. She's outdoorsy, athletic and tons of fun . . . we wanted to reflect that in the shower. We knew we wanted to use a little bit of pink, but without too many frills.

We decided to do a "firefly" theme and it was super cute. Everyone had a good time and it was great to catch up with old friends.

Here's a version of the invitation (available in the shop):

Here were the favors:

Jan's shower

And take a look at this genius idea for fruit pizzas . . . it's so easy to serve them when each individual sugar cookie is topped with frosting and fruit. They were incredible. I may or may not have had 4.

Jan's shower


Rosa @ Capture the Little Things said...

I love your fruit pizza idea! I'm linking to it from my blog...

Gift List said...

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tip said...

Do you have a recipe for these mini fruit pizzas? They look amazing and I would like to try them.

Emily said...

Love the mini fruit pizzas!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the recipe for these? I would love to make them for a baby shower!