Monday, January 31, 2011

The coolest kid at the party

Are you sitting down? If not, you might want to, so that you don't get knocked over by all of the cuteness that I'm about to show you.

Jenny (you know Jenny, right?) asked me to make these treat bag toppers for her kids to give as Valentines. What do you think?

Cute, right? It helps that her kids are both so adorable!

So I was thinking, with the way everyone's loved the Sesame Street treat bag toppers, the Dump Truck treat bag toppers and the Mod Forest treat bag toppers . . . why not offer some for Valentine's Day? I listed a few, but I can match any of the designs in my shop.

They're so easy . . . print, trim, fold and staple them over a cellophane bag. Jenny says that she prints them on sticker paper so that she can just stick them over the bags . . . I really like that idea, especially for younger kids.

You can purchase them here, or contact me to request a design to match one of the other valentines in my shop! Your child will be the coolest kid at the Valentine's Day Party!

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