Friday, September 10, 2010

Ben's party invitations

Ben's first birthday party is coming up and I'm busy getting some of the details ready! I gave a sneak peek a few weeks ago, but wanted to share the invitations now because I LOVE how they turned out.

I used the grocery bag envelopes and I'm crazy about them. They're textured like an actual paper bag, and are much thicker than standard envelopes. They have a rustic feel to them.

Ben's Invitations

The Modern Forest invitations have been a popular over the last few weeks, and it's the one I used for his party. They were printed on premium matte cards.

Ben's Invitations

The small round labels were perfect for matching return address labels.

Ben's Invitations


ann said...

I really, really like these. Well done.

rachel said...

those look great!! i LOVE the little period after one with the bird on it. so cute! great work.

Sarah said...

LOVE them! looks a lot like Ezra's bedding!! :) (That canvas you liked, remember?!)

erin watson said...

I got Madelines and they look FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!