Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This just in . . .

Here's a sample of the new "Whisper" designs in the shop this morning! Remember that these are customized to suit your picture and colors.

Also, one of my favorite graduation announcement designs was featured on This Decorated Life. Thanks, Michele!

I read her post this morning and was choking up thinking about how Jack will be graduating in 15 years. I know, I know . . . fifteen years is a long time. But still . . .

Happy Tuesday!

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Michele said...

It goes so fast too. One day they are in diapers, next they are driving. It bittersweet for us. We have 2 sons...the one graduating and one who is 3. We have both ends of the spectrum. 2 lovely daughters in between! Enjoy it!
I had to feature your invites...they are the most unique ones I have seen. :)