Tuesday, August 14, 2018

5 Tips for Perfect Back to School Photos

Oh, it's that time of year again! I'm in Michigan and our state has a law that schools have to start after Labor Day. It has something to do with tourism, I think? But lucky us! Our county applied for a waiver that allows our schools to start early. Here's how my kids feel about that:

Enough said.

I realize that many of you have been back to school for a few weeks now (or maybe go year round) so I shouldn't be complaining.

Each year we mark the first day of school milestone with back to school photos, and I've compiled a few tips for making them perfect without a lot of work.

1. Look for shade.

This is a good tip for any photo, not just photos on the first day of school. Find shade, or better yet, the edge of shade. It allows for plenty of light, without squinty, overblown subjects.

The overhang on a porch, a tree in the front yard, or the shade of your child's school building can be helpful.

2. Don't take them on your kids' first day of school.

Listen, there will be some storytelling purists out there that disagree with me on this, but getting your kids to sit for photos can be stressful. The first morning of school can also be stressful. Putting the two together can be like gasoline on a fire. No one will ever know that you took first day of school photos two days early or two days later. Save yourself the trouble and plan ahead, or wait until you're a few days in. I promise you that no one will ever know!

For me, photos aren't worth making everyone stressed out and angry with each other. Do it when it's convenient and fun. Having fruit snacks or M&Ms handy as bribes isn't a bad idea, either.

3. Show and Tell

Having your kids hold milestone signs in their photos is popular for a reason.  There will never be a question as to what year this photo was taken, or what grade your child was entering if he or she is holding a sign showing all of that info. Buying a simple chalkboard is a great way to easily display that info.

I honestly think printable signs are the best option! You can download them immediately, print at home, and be ready to go. Because every grade is included with these signs, you can purchase them once for all of your kids.

You can also use the sign to tell more about your child and the year they're headed into! These printable signs in my Etsy shop are a great way to do that (and are editable, so they can be used year after year)!

Just one note: If you're taking photos of your child, with lots of personal information showing, be sure to check privacy settings on your social media before posting the photo publicly.

4. Make them Laugh

We reserve potty talk like this for when I'm trying to get my kids to laugh for photos. We don't use terms like "butt crack" or "fart" very often, so when it's time for photos, those are go-to options for getting smiles. Saying something like, "OK, everyone has to look at the camera and NOT LAUGH when I say this next thing: DAD FARTED" is the very best way to get genuine smiles on my kids' faces.

What are the things that make your kids smile? Is there a face that Dad can make, a story that you can tell them, or a word you can use? Do what you can to get those giggles that make for the best photos!

5. Landmarks

Take photos in front of the same tree, on the same porch or in the same place every year. There's no better way to show your child's growth than to photograph them in the same place every year. If you move around a lot, consider having them hold the same sign or object to show growth.

Whether your kids are in preschool or middle school, start now with documenting your child's first day of school. You'll be so glad you did!

Don't forget that I have several printable sign options for back to school photos. You can download them and print them instantly!

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Life in Pieces Bingo episode: Get your printable family BINGO cards!

TV is my guilty pleasure. It's usually on in the background while I'm working, so it can't be anything that I really have to focus on. One of my newest favorites is Life in Pieces on CBS. I've been watching past seasons on Hulu and it is laugh out loud funny. Each episodes has 4 mini-episodes that are just a few minutes long.

Anyway, I just watch Season 2, episode 10 and was cracking up at the 4th mini-episode titled "Bingo." You can click here to watch it.  I instantly thought of my DIY fill in the blank Bingo card.

A few years ago, I made a Bingo card that allows you to fill in anything you'd like. It was originally created for an annual meeting that we had every July at my real job.

Soon after, I made it available in my shop. You fill in the first TWO PAGES with any 48 bits of text that you'd like, and then the remaining 23 cards are AUTO-FILLED IN RANDOM ORDER, giving you 25 unique Bingo cards.  Need more than that? Save the file twice and fill in each file differently.

These bingo cards can be used for family reunions, baby showers, parties or anything you'd like. I've had so many customers use it for family reunions! They fill in stories, comments, and repeated behaviors of family members, and as you experience them, you cross them off.

This has been one of my most popular items this year. It's only $5 and you can use it to add a little fun to any upcoming party or event!

I often advise my customers to use print shops for high quality printing, but these are perfect for printing on plain old 8.5" x 11" paper using your home printer (I love my Canon).

Monday, April 17, 2017

All Things Summer Printable Bundle


Introducing the All Things Summer Bundle

Summer Chore Cards
Party Printables
Summer Reading Bundle
Father's Day Cards
Road Trip Activities
Coloring Pages
Activity Jar
AND SO MUCH MORE! {See all the goods below!}

I can't believe the response we've been getting on our bundles! 
Well, actually, I totally can because they are beyond awesome.

These are the very BEST Summer ideas and fun all in one place!

I teamed up with 17 extremely talented bloggers and designers to create the ULTIMATE Summer bundle! There are OVER 300 PAGES of printables for you, all in one handy dandy Summer bundle for a really low price.

You can get over $400 worth of ADORABLE items for only $15-$20!

I'm NOT KIDDING! Father's Day ideas, road trip helps, summer activities, fun coloring pages, kid boredom busters, and MORE all from your favorite bloggers! You’re waiting for the catch, right? Well, there is a teeny, tiny one...

You'll have to ACT FAST—this deal only lasts for THREE DAYS! This is a 3-Day sale, buuut the price goes up a little each day. Here's the breakdown...
  • Buy on the 17th for only $15
  • Buy on the 18th for only $18
  • Buy on the 19th for only $20
  • After that, this deal is GONE FOREVER!
Buy early and SAVE. But wait too long {like after the 19th at midnight MST} and this deal will be gone FOREVER!

Convinced? Go ahead and buy it now! Want to see what all is included? Just keep scrolling!

What's included?

1. Road Trip in a Box by The Dating Divas- This amazing printable kit will entertain the whole family on your next road trip with new activities for EVERY hour! Road trip games and activities include: Cute Destination Activity Tags, Fun Road Trip Bingo Game, Good Car Behavior Rewards, Road Trip Music CD case, Road Trip Truth or Dare Activity, Exciting Road Trip Trivia Game, and Complete Instructions!

2. Kid's Activity Boredom Printable Pack by A Girl and a Gluegun - This pack is full of amazing activities and ideas to get your kids to create, write, draw, doodle, play and imagine! Print them out over and over again to continue the fun! Lot of these would be be perfect for car rides or trips--Or to use during spring break or summer!

3. Summer Chore Cards by Alexa Z Design - Jumpstart and end your summer days with these adorable chore charts cards. These illustrated cards are perfect for your toddler or school age child. The best part about these cards is that YOU can choose pick and choose which ones work for your child and arrange them in the order that best suits your routine.

4. Pioneer Family Fun Packet by Chicken Scratch n Sniff - Step back in time with your family and be a pioneer! This Family Fun Packet includes 7 sections full of activities, printables, and loads of fun. Cook bread over the fire, play Fox and Geese, make a tin lantern, go star gazing. There are even ribbons to make for friendly competitions. All you need to do now is pick a day to start the fun!

5. Printable Smoothie Recipe Box by Homemaking Organized - This snazzy Smoothie Recipe Box will help you to bring together all those great smoothie recipes that you have scattered far and near. Keep it your kitchen for easy access with making that delicious breakfast smoothie.

 6. Summer Party Printables by How Does She - Throwing a summer party? These cotton candy/ice creamed themed printables are just what you need to put the "icing on the cake". The colors and design are the perfect touch for neighborhood party or BBQ the summer might bring!

7. Kids' Summer Reading Bundle by I Should Be Mopping The Floor- Get your kids super excited to read their way through the dog days of summer with this fun and interactive Kids' Summer Reading Bundle! Start by filling out the bucket list with your kiddos to decide which books they will CONQUER this summer! Color and cut the fun bookmarks (to give AND keep...why not get alllll the friends involved?). Then keep up with the reading logs (for little AND big kids) to track progress the entire summer. Don't forget the certificate of completion at the end of summer!

8. Summer Activity Book and Journal by Inspiration Made Simple - Keep your child entertained at home or on the go with this Summer Activity Book and Journal. Each day have your child take out their Summer Fun Activity Book and Summer Journal and complete one of the 4 activity pages, write in the journal pages using the writing prompts if necessary, tackle one of the items on their Summer Bucket List, or read a book and fill in their reading chart!

9. Summer BBQ Party & Father's Day Cards by Less Ordinary Designs - Have friends over and enjoy the summer sun by hosting a BBQ. This package includes an invitation with editable text and a festive "Happy Summer" banner to hang up on party day! Then, let Dad know that you think he's the best with one of these Father's Day cards. The plaid card even includes an editable field so that you can fill in your favorite dad's name!

10. 3 Kid Printables by Mom Explores South Florida - This pack includes 3 different printables! First, help you child learn to count with a fun activity using the "How long is the earthworm" printable. Then, use the Medical Binder Printables to stay organized with your child's important information. Finally, print out a fun sticker chart and put it on your toy box! Every time your child puts their toys away add a sticker!

11. Summer Fun Coloring Pages and Art Prints by Printable Crush - This Summer Fun Coloring Pages pack includes 9 hand drawn and hand lettered designs that you can print out and color as many times as you like! It also includes 8"X10" and 5"X7" art prints that are already colored in with bright summer colors. The best part is that adults and children will love these amazing designs!

12. First & Last Day of School Photo Prop by Sarah's Mommy Suite - These first and last day of school photo props are EDITABLE! Just highlight the year at the bottom of your desired page and and type in the current school year. Print the page on cardstock and have your child hold it while you take a picture on their first and last day of school. You will be amazed to see how much they have grown during the school year.

13. "Mom, I'm Bored"Jar Printable Activities by Somewhat Simple - Keep summer boredom at bay with the “Mom I’m Bored” Jar! Grab a jar and fill it with our printable boredom buster activities - some are fun, some of them are not, so before your kids decide to have you entertain them, they really need to decide if its worth it or not! They might get “Make cookies with Mom”, or they might get “Pull weeds.” Included in this printable pack are 4 variations of the jar label, over 50 activities and several blank strips for you to create your own activities!

14. Essential Summer Recipe BLAST! by That Crazy Oil Lady- Do you LOVE essential oils? Whip up some crazy-awesome Summertime recipes in the kitchen and in your home with the Essential Summer Recipe Blast and Printable Art! These beautiful recipe cards are great to create some beachy memories around the home, gift to a friend with some essential oils, or use as a gift tag along with the recipe you make yourself when you give it to someone! This beautiful bundle includes 2 pieces of framable wall art as well!

15. Memory Matching Game by The Girl Creative - The perfect boredom buster for school aged children on a hot summer day. Choose between 3 different summer themes and play alone or with a friend. With the BONUS matching bags for each theme, these games would make a great gift idea.

16. Indoor Mini Golf Family Pack by Two Best Friends In Love - The indoor miniature golf pack is a great way to have some major family fun while beating the heat this summer! The pack includes invitations, score cards, and cute notes to get your family excited about your big golf game! Also included are some super fun obstacles to make your game more interesting. Just add some plastic cups, a golf ball, and a club and you're ready for a day of family fun, all from the comfort of your living room!

17. "Days With My Dad" Father's Day Activity Jar by While He Was Napping - What little princess or valiant knight doesn't love to spend time conquering the world with Dad? Create your own "Days With My Dad" Jar and Dad and his favorite little ones will never be without fun ideas and activities to explore the world. The Days With My Dad jar is a great birthday, Father's Day or just because gift. This is a great project for older kids, will take 30-60 minutes and requires no special materials!

WHEW! So there you have it. Pretty much everything Summery you could ever want. We are dying from all that goodness and we just CAN'T WAIT to get our hands on it.

Just remember, the price JUMPS tomorrow! It's only available for THREE DAYS! Midnight MST on the 19th, this deal is gone FOREVER!


Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Ideas for Super Cool Easter Eggs

I'm a sucker for good design, and now that my kids are getting older, I'd love to experiment and try new things with coloring Easter eggs this year. I've put together a list of some of the most creative egg coloring ideas I could find. Some of them are a little complicated, but many are super easy and can be done with kids of any age! Let me know if you try any of them!

Uses: Food dye, paper towel
by Onelittleproject

By Martha Stewart

By Brit+Co

By StudioDIY!

By Martha Stewart

UsesNail Polish
By Martha Stewart
by Disney Family

Uses: Washi Tape
By Lovely Indeed

By Domestifluff

By Shelterness

By La Recta de La Felicidad

Uses: Long Grain Rice
By It All Started with Paint

By Squirrelly Minds

Uses: Rubber Cement
By Unsophisticook

Uses: Mood Paint
By Dream a Little Bigger

Looking to send Easter greetings? Here are a few Easter cards to consider!

This post includes some affiliate links, because you know . . . a girl's gotta eat.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

All Things Valentine's Day {Printable Bundle}

Remember the Christmas and Fall printable bundles? They FLEW off the shelves! It was such a smashing success that as soon as the Christmas sale ended, we had tons of you asking us when Valentine's Day would be available.

Why? You've all told me that these printable bundles make it easy for you to look like you have it all together. Who has time to comb the Internet looking for the best decor, activities and Valentines? And who has the money to pay for them all individually? This bundle makes you look good for a really, really low price.

I've teamed up with 20+ extremely talented designers to create the ULTIMATE Valentine's Day bundle! You guys . . . this bundle is so full of cuteness, I don't even know where to begin.

20+ crazy, cute printables—ONE crazy, low price!

You’re waiting for the catch, right? Well, there is a teeny, tiny one... this deal only lasts for THREE DAYS!


  • Buy on the 25th for only $15
  • Buy on the 26th for only $18
  • Buy on the 27th for only $20
  • After that, this deal is GONE FOREVER!
This is a 3-Day sale, but the price goes up a little each day. Make sure to snag it today because the price is going up tomorrow! Wait too long {like after the 27th at midnight MST} and this deal will be gone FOREVER!

  • Beautiful Valentine's prints to decorate your home.
  • Romantic gift ideas for your sweetheart.
  • Cute and creative classroom valentines for kids and teachers.
  • Meaningful activities for making memories.
  • Darling party printables and decor.

Scroll Down to see what's included!

And now for the big reveal . . . 

One page of wall art ALONE can be around $20 on Etsy! And you get EVERYTHING for the same price? This is a no-brainer! Just wait until you see all of the LOVE-ly printable goodness...

1. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt by Ashlee Marie - Chose from two different Scavenger Hunts for your spouse OR kids! The Kids’ Scavenger Hunt will have them hunting for Valentine’s related items, and the String Scavenger Hunt leaves a trail of string with lots of sweet love notes!

2. Valentines Wall Art by C Dot Love - These 3 Valentine’s printables are perfect for displaying together or separately. You can trim to 8×10 for framing OR put behind a mat in a larger frame. (I’m thinking it would make for darling bedroom decor!)

3. Our Love Story by Kristen Duke - We just LOVE this next one. Check out this cute printable Love Story Journal. With places to write down “His Version” and “Her Version” this is a keepsake you’ll want to keep forever!

4. Valentines Happy Mail Kit by Crafting Chicks - Send some LOVE this Valentine's Day using this adorable Valentines Happy Mail Kit. This printable kit includes a banner, cupcake toppers, and mailing label.

5. Woodland Creatures Valentine Craft by FaLaLa Designs - Help your kids create their own Valentines with this simple craft. I can’t even get over how CUTE these little critters are. The heart they’re holding even opens up to deliver a personal message.

6. 3 Valentine’s Prints by Family Ever After - Still need more festive decor to get your house decked out for V-day? We’ve totally got you covered. Print and frame all 3 of these cute Valentine’s prints, available in 4×6, 5×7, AND 8×10 sizes.

7. Love Coupons by Inspiration Made Simple - Give your honey some love coupons this Valentine’s Day! It’s a fun gift that keeps on giving. And who wouldn’t love some spoiling and pampering from their sweetie? It even has a page of blank coupons so you can personalize it with your own ideas!

8. Chocolate Bar Valentine Variety Pack by Less Ordinary Designs - Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple, and giving candy bars just got a whole lot cuter with these printable wrappers. This pack features 5 different designs sized to fit a standard bar of chocolate (normally around 1.55 oz). These wrapped bars of chocolate will be a sweet way to give a unique Valentine’s Day treat!

9. Valentine’s Party Printables by Love The Day - If you’re hosting a party this Valentine's, this pack has everything you’ll need! We’re talking: Party Flags, Cupcake Wrappers, Drink Labels, AND lots of different Party Tags! (I think I’ll throw a mini-family party just so I can use them!)

10. Valentine’s Dinner for Kids by My Sister's Suitcase - Let the kids enjoy a special dinner that’s just for them! Included in the Dinner Kit: printable Invitation, Coloring Placemat, Straw Flags, Mini Banner, and a Tic Tac Toe game (for a little after-dinner activity).

11. Heart-on-a-String Lunch Kit by Paging Supermom - Why not send the kiddos to school with a little extra LOVE in their lunch this Valentine’s Day? The Lunch Bag Seal, Sandwich String Charms, and Juice Box Wrap are sure to make it a lunch they’ll remember! (I’m thinking the hubby would love it too!)

12. Love Checks by Petite Party Studio - These darling love checks from “The Love Bank” make the perfect, meaningful gift for your Valentine. They even come with a cute checkbook cover to put them in! How fun is that?!

13. Cheap Date Night Printable Set by Printable Crush - Plan out weeks of inexpensive, fun, and creative date nights with this Cheap Date Night Printable Set! It has everything you need for a fun night out, or a night in, including a dating journal, photo props, gift tags, games, surveys, and more!

14. Red Dot Alphabet Bunting by Remodelaholic - This fun red dot bunting printable is so versatile! Use it to create the perfect Valentine's Day mantel. Create a banner with you and your honey's name, the word valentine, or another fun saying! Bonus- The pretty red color is also great for patriotic holiday, birthdays, or even Christmas!

15. 3 Love Cards by Smitten By - No need to buy Valentine’s cards this year, this printable pack has everything you need. Including: A DIY Scratch-off Card (with instructions), an “I Love You” card, and an “I love you because…” card! Good luck choosing just one. Clearly you need them ALL!

16. Valentine Advent Boxes by Somewhat Simple - Count down to “LOVE Day” all month long with these 14 ADORABLE Advent Boxes. Fill them up with sweets & treats, activities to do as a family, or anything your heart desires!

17. Valentine’s Dinner Printables by Tatertots and Jello - This printable pack is jammed packed with goodies for a memorable Valentine’s Dinner. Including: Cupcake Toppers, Banner, Plate Toppers or Silverware Holders, Place Cards, Straw Toppers, and even 2 5×7 prints!

18. EPIC Valentine’s Essentials Bundle by That Crazy Oil LadyDo you LOVE essential oils? Whip up some crazy-awesome Valentine's recipes in the kitchen and in your home with the Valentine’s Day Essentials Kit, Kids Scavenger Hunt, Printable art, and Valentine’s Cards! These beautiful recipe cards are great to create some sexy, sensual, and romantic moments, gift to a girlfriend for her Bachelorette party with some essential oils, or use as a gift tag along with the recipe you make yourself when you give it to your spouse! This beautiful bundle includes framable wall art as well! Also included is a set of 8 Valentine’s cards, ready for your personal touch, and a fun Scavenger hunt game for the kiddos!

19. At-Home Date Night by The 36th Avenue - Can’t get out for Valentine’s Day? This printable pack has absolutely everything you need for a romantic night in- no babysitter required! Including: Invitation, Menu, Napkin Rings, Coasters, Food Toppers, Small Banner, Bottle Wrapper, AND Valentine Print.

20. Choose Your Own Valentine Adventure Date by The Dating Divas - Get ready for an adventure! That’s right, we have your Valentine’s date already planned out for you. Just print the clever “Choose Your Own Valentine Adventure” booklet, hand it to your honey, and let him decide how the night will go.

21. "Dine & Be Mine" Bedroom Fun by The Dating Divas - Surprise your sweetie with this sassy but classy way to spice things up on Valentine’s Day! Give him the invitation to a night of romance, then present him with the romantic Menu of Services and his Love Cash. Now what man wouldn’t love THAT?! *wink*

22. 4 Valentine’s Day Prints by The Girl Creative - Add some instant V-day decor to your home with these 4 different, GORGEOUS Valentine’s Day Prints. You can print and frame all 4 in both 5×7 and 8×10 sizes! (These are so beautiful, I’d leave them up year round!)

23. You Color My World Valentine’s Pack by Thirty Handmade Days - You won’t believe all of the cuteness included in this pack! The Bag Toppers and Sticker Labels are perfect for pairing with a box of crayons as valentines for the kids’ classmates and friends. The two gift card holder templates are perfect as a cute teacher gift… AND the Valentine’s coloring page finishes off the set!

24. Valentine Gift Wrap Set by Whimsicle Designs - Your Valentine gift-giving just got a whole lot easier (& cuter!!) This darling set includes 5 gift tags, 3 bows, & 3 wrapping paper sheets! (And hey- you can use most of it even AFTER Valentine’s Day too!)

25. Valentine Monster Bingo Yellow Bliss Road by - Add some fun to the holiday by playing this cute but simple game with your kids. Bingo set includes 6 different Bingo Cards as well as the Calling Cards. (This would be a FUN one to bring to class parties too!)

26. Printable Coupon Book for Kids! by How Does She - Don't forget your kids this Valentine's Day. This coupon book allows them to cash in on a variety of fun activities! It's a wonderful, simple way to make sure each kid feels loved this Valentine's Day!

One more thing. You didn't think that was all, did you? Because I LOVE you so very much, I am all of MY CUSTOMERS who buy the bundle a special little treat. you just have to purchase the bundle through the link below. I'll give you a head start on Saint Patrick's Day with this sweet little "lucky you" printable treat bag topper. It will be e-mailed to you shortly after the bundle deal has expired.

More than $200 worth of stuff for only FIFTEEN DOLLARS!

Don't forget:
The price jumps up tomorrow! 
It's only available for TWO MORE DAYS! 
Midnight MST on the 27th, this deal is gone FOREVER!

This deal is being hosted by my friends at the Dating Divas blog, so when you click "add to cart" you will be directed to check out at their site.

What are you waiting for?!

Happy Valentine's Day!